Special Thank You

Special Thank You Goes Out To Everyone Listed Below Who Backed This Exhibit Through Kickstarter.com. This could not have happened without you. I’m so very grateful. THANK YOU!

  • Raymond Bera
  • Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
  • Cesareo Llano
  • Kathi Glist
  • Max Ramirez
  • Gerry Del Sol
  • Tony & Vivian San Pedro
  • Gilda Alonzo
  • Ellen Sue Burton
  • Bashir Osman
  • Giselle Chamizo
  • Maria Elena Menendez
  • Nancy Romani
  • Pilar Garcia
  • Maria Jose Urbano
  • Maria Bradman
  • Teresita Machado
  • Maria G Blanco
  • Wendy Unger
  • Galit Shearhouse
  • Patricia B. Gonzalez
  • Carlos Vallabriga
  • Arlene Mion-Pestano
  • julie watson
  • Marta Quintana
  • Stefanie von Born Fallois
  • Alex M. Gonzalez
  • Franca Baroni
  • Miriam Stern
  • Iris Vallabriga
  • Carolyn Newman
  • Juan Prieto
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2 Responses to Special Thank You

  1. Wendy Unger says:

    Wishing you blessings at your opening – i’ ll be there for you one way or another.

  2. Cindy Papale says:

    Dear Pat,

    What a pleasure to have been at your Exhibit on Feb 4th. Every single piece was absolutely beautiful. My favorite one is Niagra Falls with the rainbow. My parents actually went there for their honeymoon way back in 1950. Looking at that picture reminded me of my father telling me how beautiful Niagra Falls was when he was there.

    I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Much Love,

    Cindy Papale

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