The opening of my Photo Exhibit

There are many special moments in a person’s life…and then there are Golden Moments – those times that will shine in the heart forever.

The opening of my Photo Exhibit “Discover Your Doorway / Discovery: Our Doorway” was, and will always be, one of those Golden Memories for me.

Thank you to everyone who came and turned the evening into a blessed, joyful and magical night. Thank you to everyone who pledged their support to fund this work. Thank you to all the people who helped turn this inspiration into a reality. When an idea like this comes to life, it is only because of the love, support and cooperation of many. I list these special angels in my life at the bottom of this note. Thank you. I could not have done this without you.

This exhibit is a dream come true. I’ve taken pictures my entire life, simply because I love what I see on the other end of my lens: people, animals and our beautiful Mother Earth. I hope that when you look at my photographs and my 3-D Doorway pieces, you will feel what I feel when I experience the joy, healing and energy I receive from the beauty that surrounds us.

On the walls of the exhibit hangs my art, but the real stars of Opening Night was you…who opened your hearts and accompanied me on this special evening at Books & Books. Thank you.

It’s never too late to realize your dreams. All you have to do is take a deep breath, trust, open the door and walk through. You will discover a multitude of treasures on the other side, as I have.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please send your friends to the exhibit…it will be up the entire month of February. And please visit this website as there are many other of my photographs throughout all the pages. They are all available for purchase, as well as the Doorway pieces you saw on display.

Blessing, love and light to all.

My Special Thanks To The Following Angels Who Made This Exhibit Possible:

  • Mitchell Kaplan: Books & Books who allowed me to “take over” his gallery walls
  • Cristina Nosti: Books & Books who trusted me enough to exhibit my work for the first time
  • Raoul Amquy: My friend and artisan who built the wood doors
  • Hugh Williams: Just 2 Creative who created my Discover Your Doorway logo
  • Alex Bidone & Maria Sivori from USA Frame: Who built the 3-D backings and all the beautiful framing of my work
  • Jayme Lam: 4th Reaction who built my website, took pictures and is always there to help me out
  • Maria Jose Urbano: Talented young graphic designer who helped with lots of the finishing touches
  • Patricio Madariaga: My love and my official “hanger-uper” of the exhibit. He truly is a handy dandy man.
  • Monika Tasky: My friend who gave us a helping hand hanging up the exhibit. You are a great Ms. Tingy.
  • All the media who helped to publicize my Opening Night. You know who you are. THANK YOU.

Patricia San Pedro

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